I thought I posted this last night, but apparently, it failed when I hit Publish.

25% Done!

Wow, a quarter of the way through.

I’ve sort of side stepped my fuzzing project for a few days, but I will be back to it in a day or two. Regardless, I have still been programming. I put a few minor changes into the inotify-watch program and started learning SaltStack.

SaltStack is much like Puppet, which I am already familiar with. It seems to be quite a bit more user-friendly than Puppet initially, but I am still learning. I started making a project to manage my Ubuntu workstations. I end up getting new workstations, laptops, and spinning up new virtual machines on a regular basis. Often I am missing some tool or another that ends up screwing me over when I need it the most:

  • Go to the colo to deal with some messed up networking gear and minicom is not installed.
  • Participate in a CTF and missing some big piece of software.
  • Need to edit LaTeX and don’t have the gigabytes of crap necessary to do this installed yet. This will probably happen at an airport or conference with slow WiFi.

I’ve seen plenty of other projects out there that do similar stuff. Often it is an awful shell script that just does a bunch of apt-get install <package> commands. Very rarely do they add repositories for the pieces of software or configure anything above and beyond installing it from packages. Hopefully, this tool will leave me in a mostly ready to go state after I run it on a new machine.

Closing Thoughts

So far, I am a quarter of the way through the challenge. I already “failed” by missing several days in a row while on vacation. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I have certification tests coming up soon. I have to prepare for the BSidesLV CTF I am participating in. Work is hard sometimes and leaves me in a funk when I get home. There have been surgeries, doctor’s appointments, and other unforeseen events nearly every day since I’ve started this project.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that this is somewhat of a hard and potentially unrealistic challenge. Looking at just what I have on my calendar, there is not a single 100-day stretch that I will be free for the rest of the year. I honestly do not think I will have a tame stretch of time for the next several years.

This challenge has been challenging for mostly non-code related issues for me thus far.